We develop, design, produce and supply ball bearings and roller bearings in standard and special ranges. We produce as per latest standards and toughest quality checks in line with World Bearing Association. Our production facilities meet latest standards. During last few years alone, we have invested millions of dollars in expansion and upgrading of our production facilities with latest technology because of world-wide increased demand of our products. To meet the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we can accommodate clients’ request for special bearings, different types of bearings special lubrication/clearance/heat treatment etc.

Boston Bearings perfection
Boston Bearings material


we adhere to global standard for high-quality material, and produce bearings from SAE52100 standard steel. These steel bars and forged and used to manufacture our bearings at our factories.


We employ the finest Human and technological resources in our design stage. From design detail to production drawings to test application, every step is thoroughly planned to reflect our craftsmanship. Special emphasis is put into R&D to ensure we remain ahead of the curve and roll out latest designed bearings before our competition.

Boston Bearings design
Boston Bearings Quality assurance


Deep focus is put into the quality assurance stage. Quality assurance department inspects everything from raw material to final product using latest softwares and technology, to ensure only the finest of the product is rolled out to the end-user. In line with our tradition of producing only the highest quality bearings, all our bearings are rolled out with bar-codes marked onto the bearing itself, thus eliminating any chances of counterfeit bearings. We are the only company in the industry to follow this rule to ensure the clients are safe from counterfeit and receive only the highest quality associated with our brand.


At Boston bearings, our work does not finish once we have produced our high-quality bearings. We remain deeply involved with customers over 4 continents, to ensure correct use of our bearings for various applications. This stage starts from correct storage and handling. Our warehouses adhere to these quality management standards to extend their lifetime.

Boston Bearings storage Facility
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